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Top 10 Reasons Your Website May Not Be Making A Great First Impression

Reasons Your Website May Not Be Making A Great First Impression

In a world where over 85% of transactions are done online by way of a mobile device, it’s no wonder why functionality is priority one for business owners. Over 90% of the smartphone-using population expect flawless functionality when shopping on a website with their mobile device! Why? It’s quite simple, really… Most people with a smartphone are normally on the move multi-tasking and as a result, expect a seamless experience. Your website needs to keep up with consumers, not the other way around.

Reasons Your Website May Not Be Making A Great First Impression

Consumers today are Internet-savvy, especially on a mobile device and social media, which can make them instant supporters or critics. Website design means the difference between making bread and going bust and that’s the gospel truth… If your site is failing at converting enough leads or customers into clients, here’s a list of top 10 reasons your website may not be making a great first impression:

  • Responsive Design
  • Fast Loading Pages
  • Simple Navigation
  • Awesome Color Scheme
  • White Space & Readability
  • Killer About Us Page
  • Unobtrusive Search Box
  • Typography / Fonts
  • Relevant Images
  • Engaging Content

Although this list is filled with some of the more elementary causes for a website not being able to convert, sometimes, it’s the easiest of reasons your website may not be making a great first impression. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the points, one segment at a time…

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Top 5 most important elements is responsive design! Over 80% of consumers on the planet who own mobile phones shop on their mobile devices… A website that cannot seamlessly appear on a smartphone is synonymous with an online death. No one will shop on a site that isn’t responsive. If you’re not ready for the mobile consumer, why should they bother buying from you?

Fast Loading Pages

Loading Pages

Everything around you is happening at the speed of thought, whether deciding what to wear, eat, drink or more importantly buy. Slow loading pages are also a gateway to becoming irrelevant in the eyes of consumers. No matter what it is you’re selling or how good you are at what you do or make, no one is going to buy it if they can’t access your page.

Simple Navigation


A navigation bar that is overwhelming to the consumer or isn’t at all relevant to the site they think they’re on is just going to make them pogo-stick right outta your website, which is something you obviously don’t want. Keep your navigation tight and to the point!

Awesome Color Schemes

Color Schemes

Knowing which color schemes to utilize throughout your website in order to bring out the best representation of your brand while still being appealing to the consumer is paramount. I’ll put the use of awesome color schemes right up there with making sure your site is responsive!

White Space and Readability

White Space

White Space is a major factor as it pertains to a flowing readable website. Too much fluff can be overwhelming for any consumer or for that matter, a reader. A functional website requires flow in order to keep consumers and readers interested, and space does that.

Killer About Us Page

About Us Page

There is nothing more powerful than a story and telling yours is no exception… Consumers want at any cost to support a business with a killer story, especially one that resonates with them! Just remember, there’s a difference between being honest and transparent. Don’t be afraid to be the latter.

Unobtrusive Search Box

Search Box

Yes, I placed an adjective, a specific adjective to describe what a search box should look like on your site, and that’s demure… As important as it is to have a search box for your guests to find what they’re specifically looking for, so is its appearance on your site. In other words, a search box is a big deal, but it shouldn’t look like one.

Typography / Fonts


Although, Helvetica and Times may be two of the top 10 most popular fonts of all time, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to experiment with other typeface… However, in order to get the most out of the many available fonts out there, that choice normally comes with monthly/yearly dues. One alternative is Google Web Fonts, which provide over 600 of their 1000+ fonts free of charge, so go on and experiment!

Relevant Images

Relevant Images

Images are an integral part of keeping your site as interesting as possible… But what’s more important? Paying extra for custom photos or paying monthly dues for a stock image service like Getty Images? I’d say it’s important to focus more on relevance in terms of matching the image to the content! Paying more for custom images or paying for a service is your call, but keep it relevant.

Engaging Content

Engaging Content

When it comes to marketing, one thing is for certain and it’s that Content is King! When it comes to online marketing though, engaging content is what wins big. Why? Because you’re keeping the consumer engaged and bringing in the reader to be a part of the conversation. Connecting with the consumer is the strategy by which we turn readers into clients (period).

As mentioned before, the reasons listed above may seem a bit rudimentary to some, but in web development, the simplest of things can hang you up! Taking the more simpler things for granted could be the reason for the hang up in the first place. Lists are good… Lists are your ally.

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