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Is your business ready for an SMS Marketing Platform

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has been buzzing throughout the digital marketing sector as the next big thing and for very good reason, BUT… As beneficial as SMS marketing may seem to be for some enterprises, are you ready for SMS Marketing?


In order to provide customers with the option to receive sms texts, you must be legally compliant with the “telephone Consumer Protection Act”. You must Opt-In by way of providing a simple participation agreement. You just cannot have the option and a checkbox to seal the deal, there has to be acknowledgement of said regulations that make up the act, then you’re good to go. But something less than that is a pitfall to Non-Compliance!

How Will You Use SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is an amazing opportunity to get your message across to the customer, but how will you use SMS Marketing to their benefit? There are many industries that are already utilizing this platform and why not? As compared to email marketing, SMS Marketing is a no-brainer as it pertains to its possible high ROI! For instance, an email can take anywhere between hours and weeks for someone to acknowledge let alone open. An SMS Text will take minutes for someone to notice and open, especially if they’re wearing an iWatch that vibrates the moment you receive a text message!

Depending on the industry you’re in, you’d want to stave off the temptation to bombard your customer. For instance, The hospitality industry can be the worse offender as it pertains to having their guests rate their property. Guests are bombarded with automated texts asking them to Rate your stay… Evaluate the service…. Adjudge your meal… Grade all the above on Trip Advisor, and this is all happening within hours of arriving! I mean, why don’t you ask these questions on my last night at your hotel when I have more data to provide?


What better way to provide the best customer experience than the option for Two-Way SMS Exchange Q&A? Rather than call a 1-800 line and go through the painful automated attendant literally asking 20 questions in order to put you through the right person, offer Two-Way SMS Exchange! You’ll have to shift from automation to Human interaction, but it beats out having to spend all that time on a call… In the end, they’ll get through faster, you’ll provide them with what they need and afterwards, ask them to rate your service, but more importantly, you’ll create loyalty, which is a BIG WIN!

SMS Marketing Throughout Customer Journey…

When my vehicle is close to needing its next oil change, I automatically receive an SMS message from the dealership asking to make an appointment. The SMS text included a link, which I click and voila, appointment made! If we were to call this department anything, off the top of my head I’d say SERVICE or MAINTENANCE, right? Why not receive an SMS message from SALES or MARKETING? As consumers, we are all on a journey, which normally begins with some marketing and if the product/service is too good to pass up, there’s sales, then maintenance. Then we start all over again with another piece of too good to pass up product/service because they know what we want.

SMS Marketing Platform Is Not About Your Brand…

One thing to get out of the way right now is that the SMS platform is not about your brand, it’s about the customer. As you naturally create loyalty by way of great customer service, the brand benefits, but the work comes first.

Therefore, by being compliant, offering your clients access and knowing that it’s not about you, your knowledge of this will get your brand where it needs to be naturally. So, are you ready for SMS Marketing?


There are different types of SMS Marketing services available, namely:

These SMS Marketing service providers can furnish you with what you need, at a price of course. What’s the best service for the best price?

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