Corona Interactive exists for the sole purpose of providing great businesses with the opportunity to give the public at large an excellent product or service.

Corona Interactive

Corona Interactive

Graduating From Sales To Sales & Marketing

Corona Interactive was established in 2018 when the founder of the company worked in sales for a small family business, who’s websites were severely penalized by Google due to shoddy SEO work done by a trusted source. Reputable SEO firms would not touch the sites due to their severely penalized condition mostly because of thin content and black hat link building techniques. Knowing the products, processes, and customers as well as he did, he went to work on disavowing the bad links and recreating the content while researching the optimal keywords he could best utilize in his copy. Within six (6) months, all the websites were being featured on Google and within thirty days of that, the websites and pages began appearing on page one of Google search engine results pages (serps). Not long after, the office picked up on calls, but then came the post-marketing work by integrating sales and marketing as one! Seeing how well the work was, Corona Interactive was born less than two years later.

Corona Interactive offers customers a personalized SEO consultation based purely on their business, industry, and competition. Optimizing your website is just the beginning, as we also provide technical advice and services as it pertains to Website Architecture, Databases, Applications.

Mobile Optimization

Having a responsive website set up primarily for the consumer on the go is paramount, as over 85% of all business conducted on the planet is by way of a smartphone. Having your site built for easy mobile navigation will lift your sales numbers tremendously!

Winning SEO Strategy

If you’re not visible or present when someone searches for what you can offer, the business will go to the competitor who was, it’s that simple! Corona Interactive provides solutions so that you appear on Google’s first page.


Corona Interactive will bring awareness to your brand by helping with growing your social media presence and sharing your authoritative knowledge! We will also integrate your sales with marketing so the user experience is seamless from Awareness to Close.

Integrating Sales with Marketing

There are too many organizations that aren’t up to date with this concept because many executives, managers, and owners still see both departments as separate entities. It’s not that thinking this way is outdated, it should’ve never been. Corona Interactive will assist you in leading your organization out of the doldrums and into an active and successful space. Integrating your marketing department with your sales department will do just that!

User Experience

We’re in an age where most consumers simply click, point, and submit, which means intermediaries are no longer needed to complete a transaction. That said, providing a simple point, click, and submission process for entering information and purchasing products is all you need to make the dream a reality! Corona Interactive provides your database application needs.

About Corona Interactive…

Here’s a little more about Corona Interactive on how and why we came to be. Click HERE.

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